Consulting Services

Organizational Design and Analysis

Premier's Consulting Services include organizational design and cultural analysis.   Organizations often spend so much time trying to negate troubling symptoms while often overlooking the root cause of issues they face.   We understand organizations, their cultures,  and look to identify the complexities that often hinder successful operations.   Sometimes all that it takes is just a chance for people to vent, a reaffirmation of what the issues are, or just an opinion from an outsider.  Using a combination of ethnographic and advance research techniques we can author white papers and provide testimony for your boards and managers.  We are about providing that second opinion as to the patient's health. 

Project Management

More often than not, projects lack the planning and preparations need to guarantee an on-time and within budget effort.  Over and over again, requirements are overlooked or misunderstood.  Information system completed, are already outdated, and users become disillusioned with the ongoing state of software development and debugging cycles.   Premier's Consulting Services include independent project management.  No longer will you need to rely on a vendors expertise and excuses.  We will be your advocate and work hard to safeguard your interests, while maintaining the balance of Authority Verses Responsibility (AVR) equation.

Information System Evaluation

Do you have a legacy system that barely works?  Would it help to have an independent professional to come in and evaluate your system for accuracy, consistency, security, and most important functionality?  Do you need an analysis of the true cost of the system your organization is using?  How does your hardware stack up against the competition, and does your application software fill your organization's needs?  Is your system and data secure? Are your processes automated?  Let Premier come in and carefully review your system and provide written confirmation of what you may have always suspected.

Information System Acquisition

The software industry has matured and most industries are represented by a wide range of packaged software applications, but from what we observe, organizations acquire software often overlooking the main consideration.  The question is, "Does the software package your are considering allow your organization to keep your existing processes, or will you have to modify your processes to fit the software?"  Often considerations like the size of the software vendor or years in existence is important, as well as the ability to modify or tailor a software package.  

Request for Proposal  (RFP)

One of the most difficult tasks of acquiring a new system is to have an RFP that is adequate in detail.  The number of pages in an RFP does not correspond to any fullness of requirements.  Vendors find that a simplistic canned or fill in the blank RFP leaves them plenty of wiggle room,  thus leaving the customer with exposure  to large "out of scope" liabilities.   Imagine, having a home build from a 50 page generic document that basically says you watch a lot of TV so you want a family room with four walls, two doors, etc, etc.  Application software development or acquisition is much too complex to leave its design to so-called experts having little or no development and implementation experience.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Could your organization's information systems survive a disaster?  Most cannot.  Disaster recovery is more than making a backup copy.   Facility, hardware, and software restoration issues can leave a business or organization dead in the water after the unexpected happens.  The professionals at Premier will come in and identify any weaknesses that are serious vulnerabilities and lay out a doable disaster recovery plan that will not "mortgage the ranch".

Our Creed (and hopefully yours):

We believe in software and technology as a strategic tool; even a strategic competency over the competition. Our goal is to help your organization make technology a valuable cornerstone of your operations, not a black hole that drains valuable resources simply in the names of 'innovation' or 'leading edge'. Overbearing and excessive technology , as well as other gimmicks that impede the performance of your business-oriented systems can easily be found elsewhere. Here, you will find an effective and efficient approach to technology, including web presence development.