Who is Premier Data Software?



Premier Data Software Solutions is a division of SieCorp. We are an enterprise management software development firm with dedicated cluster groups targeted at three industries:

Premier Data Software's roots go back to the late 1970's, when SieCorp realized the need for powerful, but easy-to-use, integrated software was generally going unsatisfied.

When We First Began

We noticed that software is often too hard to use. Business application software often requires users to have a high-level technical understanding beyond that which is reasonable. Well-designed, easy-to-use, and integrated software can usually

  • lower operating costs,
  • reduce or virtually eliminate training curves, and
  • remove many restrictions

that inhibit your company's growth. Re-thinking your organization's information technology strategy can provide your firm an information system that saves time and money. Replace your antiquated, labor-intensive practices with efficient, automated technology. This will free your employees to perform higher-level work and allow technology to handle the data automation tasks with much greater speed and accuracy.

Are We Experienced?

Oh, yes. And not just in one industry or technology. Our depth of experience spans multiple technologies and business applications. Not only do we develop in leading technologies, but we also have developed systems for many different industries and organizations through the past two decades. Technically speaking, we develop solutions for the Windows and AS/400 operating systems. What this means to you is that we do not bring an inbred view to your organization. Thanks to the variety and depth of our staff experiences, our business and technical knowledge is broad. As opposed to much of the industry in which we exist, we bring outside perspectives to your software. You get the benefits of innovation and cross-culture knowledge. Really.

Our Windows products are developed using Microsoft technologies, ensuring your applications are rooted in mainstream technologies that won't be difficult for to support or upgrade. Using other, lesser known or less prevalent, technologies often creates applications that become obscure and difficult to support from a technical talent perspective.

We Believe

We believe in software and technology as a strategic tool; even a strategic competency over the competition. Our goal is to help your organization make technology a valuable cornerstone of your business, not a black hole that drains valuable resources simply in the names of 'innovation' or 'leading edge'. Overbearing and excessive technology , as well as other gimmicks that impede the performance of your business-oriented systems can easily be found elsewhere. Here, you will find an effective and efficient approach to technology, including web development.

Our philosophy of providing a continually-renewed application means your firm has secured a true long-term technology solution. We provide a consistently updated application. The benefits of this are:

  • NO OBSOLESCENCE: your system is always updated, enhanced, and revised for your industry
  • FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT: your system is always supported, regardless of the technical environment

You can continue to buy short-term software solutions from vendors without a long-term technology commitment, or you can choose Premier Data Software to come alongside your organization and provide smooth, seamless technical and business expertise to keep technology as a strategic business competency.

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