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The professionals at Premier Data Software recognize the many problems a business can face with information technology needs.   It is our intention to help your company or organization achieve its goals and solve its challenges.  We are experienced and ready to assist you any education and training needs including, but not limited to, the following training services:  Email us for classroom or on location costs and reservations at:   Remember, we go beyond technical training, we encourage your people to do their jobs utilizing best practices with easy-to-understand training methodologies.


Microsoft Windows XP/Vista Learn how to configure MS Windows to make it your own, including how to configure security.  Learn about installing Printers.   Understand the file system and how to use Windows and Internet Explorer.


Microsoft Word 2003 Anyone can type a letter, but we will show you how to automate much of the process and how to create print shop quality documents.


Microsoft Excel 2003 Have some complex calculations for you job or business?  Premier can give you the background to look like a mathematics professor.


Microsoft Power Point 2003 Need to make a point or sell an idea?  We can show you how to use Power Point to organize your thoughts and create a powerful presentation.


Microsoft Project 2003 Nothing more difficult than managing a large project.  Premier can show you how to use Project to keep everyone on track.


Microsoft Access Would you like to understand Database design and use.  This is the course for those that need to track data and provide reports to management.


Microsoft SQL Server Industrial level database never was so easy.  Learn how to administer SQL Server databases and the basics of SQL.


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 While an older Visual Basic Language it is still very much in use.  Learn to create programs that capture data and the techniques for printing. 


Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 What is the DOT NET all about?   We will teach you how to program using VB.NET


IBM OS/400 Large organizations use the AS/400 to handle large amount of data.  Learn how to use the OS/400 operating system.  Set up users, create libraries, copy files, and track running jobs.


IBM RPG/ILE Would you like to know how to write software for an AS/400.  Here it the course that will teach you the basics of multi-user applications using RPG, DDS, and CLP.




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