Super Benefit Administrator/400
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Super Benefit Administrator/400 is a complete and fully integrated benefit payable tracking system. Developed for the IBM iSeries (formerly known as AS/400) mid-range server platform using Centralized Processing technology, this Super Benefit Administrator/400 system represents a very scaleable commercial package, with the ability to handle practically any size member group with processing speeds that will meet expectations.  Whether you have two claim processors or a hundred, Super Benefit Administrator/400 is a perfect solution.

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Medical Claim Master (95064 bytes)

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Premier Data Software's Welfare Management Module includes the tools for the complete administration of eligibility and claim adjudication for medical, dental, vision, and drug benefits.    Integrated with INGENIX, INC's medical procedure and products pricing data research, our Welfare Management Module assists your claim processors in controlling costs while providing the type of quality service to the beneficiary that they deserve during what may be difficult times.  At your option we can integrate your medical payable module with your chosen PPOs such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Our Disability/Lost Time Management Module is designed to track all disability claims and provide weekly support to those bonified claims.    You specify the weekly amount and time limits during configuration and our system does the rest, including the tracking of any abuses.  Integrated with the welfare module, welfare benefits can continue to be honored while a member is on disability.

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The Pension/Annuity Management Module is designed with a simple concept in mind.  Accurately record contributions and make timely payments with the proper amounts.  We include a member services query module that quickly calculates members benefits under your various retirement options.  Methods for disbursing benefits include, but are not limited to, lump sum payments including rollovers, 5 and 10 year certain, and surviving spouse. If you need to track your fund's investments we include a fund investment tracking program to help identify your investment income and expense to our fully integrated SuperAccountant integrated general ledger.

The Benefit Payable Modules provide the kind of control your company wants when the task is issuing checks or creating EFT files.  Benefit EOP, EOB, Pending, and Deny letters are automatically created and printed for member and provider correspondences.

Medical Claim Checks (69368 bytes)

Medical Claim Checks (69368 bytes)

The Employer and Employee Contributions Module provide the kind of eligibility control your organization needs so the employees know where they stand.  Manage work reports, bank hours, self-pay, and reciprocity.