Death and Disability Processing Module


The Super Benefit Administrator/i benefits management menu has four primary subsystems:

Key features of the Death and Disability subsystem include:

Benefits of this system design include drastically reduced re-work and errors. Looking at the 'Tabs' on the screens below, you can see how the claim process moves between General to Detail/Disposition. It loops over and over again through these two tabs, allowing your processors to rapidly process claims with minimal keystrokes. The training curve is abbreviated and you can bring newer processors up to speed quickly.


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This subsystem is used to adjudicate disability claims (injury and illness). Benefits can be defined based upon the type of disability. Waiting Periods, Benefit Amounts, and Caps are user-definable variables.

Processing is done on the keyboard, maximizing time efficiency by using compact key strokes that allow adjudicators higher efficiency and output. Adjudicators may also navigate using their mouse, should they wish to do so.

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Not only does this subsystem adjudicate disability claims, but because the system design incorporates full integration, eligibility records are automatically updated to prevent disbaled workers from inaccurately losing their welfare eligibility.

Facilities for FICA withholding and reporting are included in this module.

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Claim Detail/Disposition information is entered and processed on this tab, using the compact keystroke design in SBA/i.

This subsystem also has the standard Analysis and Reporting functions that provide easy inquiry and data analysis, without printing reams of paper.

In addition, printed reports have a 'Print Preview' capability that allows the user to see the report prior to printing.

SBA/i Adjudication Detail Screen
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Disbursing disability payments is clear and simple. SBA/i's intuitive 'Check Screen' makes it easy for the user to review the accuracy of the work performed.

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