Employer Work Report and Billing Module

The starting point to SBA/i is the Fund/Employee/Employer Master Maintenance subsystem. Your employees begin with this subsystem by recording collective bargaining agreement information. Also input and maintain census and additional billing information for funds, locals, employers, employees, job classes, jobs and areas including contribution amounts.

Contribution Rates

SBA/i allows staff to specify contributions rates flexibly, by hour or by percentage. You can set maximum contributions by maximum hours or by maximum dollars. Search within this subsystem by Fund, Local, or Employer. The easy-to-use interface is designed as a Tree View.

Employee Maintenance

Just as with Funds, your staff enters and tracks pertinent information for Employees in the Employee Master Maintenance subsystem. This comprehensive subsystem shares its' information with all other modules that call form employee records.

The employee/member can be internally identified by their Social Security number, as well as the HIPAA-required National Individual Identification number (NII) for cards and documents that leave your building as well as your customer service Web site. SBA/i also handles missing or incorrect social security number processing.


As specified by the pending HIPAA rules, employers are identified by their FEIN number. This subsystem has an analysis and reporting function that provides for easy inquiry and data analysis without printing reams of paper. In addition, printed reports have a 'Print Preview' capability to allow users to see the report on screen prior to, or instead of, printing.

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