Plan / PPO / Provider Update and Maintenance Module


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SBA/i has a comprehensive Provider/PPO Master Maintenance subsystem. All pertinent information is stored here, integrally accessible by all other modules.

Because SBA/i is fully integrated, any changes to a provider recorded here will automatically be changed in any computations or calculations that require this information.

Provider census and update information associates the organizations iwth physicians, if you wish. Search using fields outlined in blue. Note the HIPAA compliant National Provider ID field.

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When setting Benefit Models, procedure codes automatically link to the plan benefit code. This is just another way Premier Data Software helps you eliminate adjudicator error.

This powerful subsystem allows you to include user-defined information such as flexibly defined Maximums, Out of Pocket amounts, Co-Payments for all parties, Renewal Durations, Case Definitions, and Global Definitions.

Update and print related correspondence inserts from this subsystem. View powerful information on the Analysis screen.

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