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With customers through the Americas and from Australia to Canada, Premier Data Software Solutions is clearly the industry leader in coin-op VENDING, AMUSEMENT, and route management software. Super Route Manager is intuitively designed to provide a better alternative to the confusing, complicated, and restrictive software to which this industry has been subjected in the past. Our new Super Route Onsite Windows-based Pocket & Tablet PC data collection systems further serve to illustrate our point. Save time and money with this easy to use handheld. Progressive operators use our technology to offset improve their return on investment and successfully carry their businesses forward.  Arcade Manager Lite allows arcade managers using a Internet VPN connection to the home office to record collection and redemption meter reading for cash and token reconciliation.

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Super Route Manager

Office Based Windows PC
Coin-Op Route Management System

Super Route Onsite

Tablet & Pocket PC Handheld
Coin-Op Remote Collection System

Arcade Manager Lite

Amusement Arcade 
Remote Reporting

Super Route Manager is an all-new, completely integrated system designed to maximize the route operator's profits and break paradigms for software functionality. But don't take our word for it. Marketing doesn't drive the software development here. You do. As you scroll down the page and follow the links to a few screen captures from the new SRM, it will become clear that our functionality and ease of use are far superior to their promises and hype.   SRM can handle 10 years of collection on 5000 machines with little effort.  Can our competitors say as much?

Super Route Onsite is our Windows® based handhelds data collection system. For operators looking to capitalize on time and accuracy savings, this option is perfect. Visit the Super Route Onsite page for more details on this system.

CD Manager is a fully-integrated CD Management software tool that allows your CD management from within the SRM system. That means download titles from ATM's website. That means printing title cards from the software- no more typing! That means your CD's are managed along with the jukes in their locations or warehouses. What it really means is that CD management is as it should be: easy

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