General Ledger Module

Fully integrated! All your receipts and expenditures are directly transferred into and from the G/L, eliminating redundancy and errors inherent with multiple software systems. The General Ledger subsystem is used to centralize all monetary transactions into a comprehensive double-entry ledger environment. Generally, major receivable and payable transactions are batch-posted at the day's end.

Adjustments are posted immediately. The General Ledger subsystem contains reports that print Trial Balance and Detail Trail Balance Reports, as well as a full suite of financial reports. In addition, after your end-of-year audits have been completed, you can enter final adjustments or corrections to the ledgers before closing out the fiscal year.

As in all SRM/i subsystems, there is a powerful Analysis screen, to accompany useful, concise printed reports. Printed reports have a 'Print Preview' capability that allows users to see the report on screen before (or instead of) printing.

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