Super Route Onsite

Web-Enabled Cell Phones or Windows Tablet System

Super Route Onsite is a Hand Held Cell Phone or PC/Laptop/Tablet hardware based solution.  Your SRO solutions can easily be carried with your collector to each location to save time, reduce errors, and cut shrinkage.  Your SRO portable solution is very small, light weight, and is the most comprehensive portable collections system on the market.   The Professional & Enterprise version allows remote route (intra and interstate routes) create collections tickets and record bank daily deposits.   The collection tickets and deposit information are imported into your corporate office daily thus allowing you to keep close tabs on your remote routes.  You will be able to tract what and when machines/locations where collected and identify meter, inventory, and deposit shortages.


Super Route Onsite (Web-Enabled Cell Phones)

Super Route Onsite uses your collectors' cell phones with no additional software to fix or maintain.  Imagine your collectors recording their collection data (meters, cash, commissions, and stock) using their Web enabled cell phones. Your office will use Super Route Manager to effortlessly retrieve the collection data and then post a new set of tickets scheduled for the next day's collections.  Let's go a little farther and imagine tracking your route personnel using a GPS based map on you office PC*.  Your collectors  probably already have cell phones with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, ATT, ETC so when you upgrade get a web enabled device with GPS tracking capability and you will be good to go. This is an easy choice when it comes to managing multiple collections routes.  (SRO is Free to SRM Professional users)


Super Route Onsite (Windows Tablet PC.)

If you have been to the doctor lately you may have seen examples of tablet computers.  The new Super Route Onsite using the new small Tablet PC is now available.   Used with Super Route Manager, SRO sets the industry standard for ease of use and accuracy. Imagine, how each day your collectors can transfer collection data by email to your office. How cool is that? This is an easy choice when it comes to managing geographically large routes.   Shown: The Motion Tablet PC. You have probably seen these PCs at your doctors office.  Not Shown:  Protective Bump Case.  (SRO is Free to SRM Professional users)




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