Recognizing the extremely dynamic nature of technology, Premier Data Software infuses business and technical knowledge into our software designs reaching over 3000 registered installs worldwide. For over three decades, we have developed software for numerous clients within a variety of industries including Political Action and Service organizations, Employee Health, Disability, and Pension Fund Co-opt Management, Amusement and Coin-Operated Vending Route Operators, Healthcare Providers including Long-Term Care Management (Professional and Institutional), and Scrap Metal Recycling Yards.  More important than our software is our service.  Email us of give us a call and see why we are better than the normal software vendor.  You can talk to us.  We can get on your system remotely (with your permission) and help you get started.

PDS Route Management Software

FREE Windows Scrap Metal Recycling for State/Federal Compliance
Scrap Metal Manager

Amusement / Vending / Coin-Op
Route Management Software
Super Route Manager
Super Director de la Ruta (El Espaņol)

Medical Encounter Software & Medical Billing Software for MDs & DMDs
Super Medical Practice
Windows Tool for Viewing/Editing  HIPAA EDI Transaction Files
HIPAA Edi Viewer

PDS Benefits Management Software
Self-insured / Taft-Hartley Funds/ TPA
Welfare and Pension Software
Super Benefit Administrator
FREE Windows Software for Administering Association Resources
Super Association Manager


Scholarly Research Tracker and Document Building  Software
Scholarly Research Tracker
Coming Soon:   Premier's
FREE Weapon Sales Management Software

Premier Data Software-SieCorp's roots go back to the late 1970's, when our management team realized that the need for powerful, easy-to-use, integrated and efficient software was generally going unsatisfied.

We firmly believe

Efficiently-Designed, Easy-To-Use, and Well Supported business and government application software can lower operating costs and remove many restrictions that inhibit your company's growth. Re-thinking your organization's Information Technology Strategy (do you have one?) can provide your firm an information system that saves time and money, the bottom line.

Success Through Technology

is a direct result of an integrated, automated software design and ongoing support, not fancy hardware. Thanks to modern technology and high-speed communications, Rob's staff of highly-skilled and widely-experienced Systems Specialists and Application Developers are here to serve you in any corner of the world.

Today, technology is a very dynamic issue. With the nature of technology always changing, it is generally short-sighted and a mistake to expect a static solution to work effectively for more than two or three years. Assuming you are not going out of business in two or three years, your best medium or long-term solution includes allowing us to stay current with technology for you, allowing you to focus your time and efforts on your core business competencies.

If your current vendor's philosophy does not recognize and accommodate the dynamic nature of technology, it is probably past time to consider a better technology source. Give us a call today at 800.720.DATA and stop going through these painful, short-sighted technology conversions and overhauls.

Our goal is to help your organization make technology a valuable cornerstone of your business, not a black hole that drains valuable resources simply in the names of 'innovation' or 'leading edge'. Here, you will find an effective and efficient approach to technology, including Web development. Overbearing and excessive technology, as well as other gimmicks that complicate and actually impede the performance of your business-oriented systems can easily be found at most of our competitors.

Please look around

and explore each section of our website. For exceptional Taft-Hartley, self-insured, TPA or other multi-employer benefits administration software, use the link on the left Navigation Bar, or simply follow this link. For innovative coin-operated amusement, vending, and route management software, go to our Amusement and Vending software page. Bookmark this now by pressing [Ctrl-D].